Suspended Cover

Reroofing has its challenges, but dust and debris falling inside the building doesn’t have to be one of them. Installing a suspended cover solution helps to protect facilities from the variety of contaminates that result from reroofing activities.

TuffWrap® Canada’s Suspended Cover is:

Installed below the roof deck.

Completely sealed around all penetrations.

Antimicrobial, antistatic and flame resistant reinforced poly.

Our proprietary product is Classified by UL to 723S for installation below fire sprinklers and meets NFPA 13 standards. Learn more about SmartSeam® here.

Applications include:

  • Protecting food, beverage and pharmaceutical products from potential recall due to contamination.
  • Ensuring inventory in warehouse and retail settings stays clean and intact.
  • Maintaining a professional appearance.
  • Avoiding damage to specialized equipment.
  • Protecting the underside of skylights during repair and replacement
  • Extra protection during other projects that could result in dust falling from the roof deck.

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TuffWrap Canada understands that some projects can be more challenging than others. That’s why we offer custom enhancements to these temporary ceiling partitions, like netting and High Structure Dust Removal(HSDR). These options can be utilized in conjunction with suspended cover. Netting protects facilities from heavier pieces of falling roof debris. HSDR removes loose dust and debris that falls onto horizontal surfaces above the suspended cover.

Want to learn more about specific applications for Suspended Cover? 

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