TuffWrap® Canada ULC Announces Launch

May 7th, 2020

TuffWrap Installations Inc. is pleased to announce our newest venture: TuffWrap Canada ULC.

TuffWrap Canada ULC is launching the delivery of interior protection products and services in Canada.  TuffWrap Canada offers a number of different dust and debris containment solutions. From temporary walls to suspended cover, our custom installed barriers provide a professional appearance while protecting facilities from the impacts of construction debris. Since 1999, our parent company has been assisting in reroofing projects and renovations for a multitude of commercial/industrial buildings. Establishing TuffWrap Canada is another milestone in the evolution of the Interior Protection industry.

Initially leading our launch in the area will be Brett Johnson. He is coming to us with 20 years of experience in the construction and industrial industry. Brett will be the first regional manager of TuffWrap Canada ULC and the primary point of contact for services in Canada.

Learn more about TuffWrap Canada ULC here.

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