Case Study Volume 2, Issue 1:

Long Term Construction Projects In Food Processing Facilities Require Reliable Interior Protection

Project Overview:  When a major food manufacturer was faced with two simultaneous production line overhauls, their general contractor and TuffWrap Installations Inc. successfully partnered to protect the customer’s facilities from cross contamination during both long term construction projects.

Client: EMR

Strategic Account Manager: Gino Alberico

Project Manager: Elvis Huymeier

Project Size:  325 lf. of Hybrid Walls and 410 lf. of Hybrid Walls

Duration:  ~1 year

The Challenge

Hybrid Walls create an isolation vestibule for construction debris exit.When a major food manufacturer required production line updates in two different processing plants, they knew both projects were going to take a significant amount of time.  They looked for a solution that would allow them to achieve their primary goal –minimize the possibility of cross-contamination between the construction & production environments.

In order to accomplish this, they had four specific areas they needed to address:

  • Protect common corridors of travel for both equipment & personnel
  • Protect against airborne contamination
  • Protect against contamination from exterior sources
  • Guard storage and warehouse spaces

TuffWrap® was given the challenge of segregating the impacted areas while still allowing the facility to function.

The Solution

A custom Pocket Door™ allows employees and personnel to enter and exit safely For both facilities, similar solutions were developed. Each location was equipped with hybrid walls to address the need to ensure that the existing lines were protected and accessible for equipment and personnel.  Hybrid walls also provided an additional layer of support at the bottom of the wall, allowing for stronger resistance to impact.  As with any standard containment solution, the barriers were sealed ceiling to floor.

Access points were established where necessary for employees and contractors to pass through.  Custom pocket doors were utilized for personnel entry and exit.  Isolation vestibules were built to ensure the contaminants were not spread further than the construction zone.  Additional specialized solutions were incorporated, including  aluminum and hinged equipment doors where needed.

Over the course of a year, the containment successfully protected both facilities from any construction-related food safety issues.  Swab tests were done on a regular basis without any negative results.  The entire solution will stay intact until all of the new processes are in place and the work is completed.

Why TuffWrap

Ultimately, TuffWrap’s extensive experience in food processing environments allowed them to develop a custom solution with long term reliability.  By working as an integral partner with both the general contractor and the manufacturer, they gained an understanding of the daily operational and food safety requirements that the plant must meet.  This knowledge, combined with the ability to provide a product that is built to work effectively in those circumstances, was key to the success of the project.


In the end, the general contractor was able to confidently manage both projects without additional worries about unwanted cross contamination.  The swab tests repeatedly confirmed that the containment solution was providing complete protection.

“TuffWrap’s Hybrid Walls have performed well throughout both projects.  Every swab test has reconfirmed that their containment solutions are ideal for highly sensitive environments.”  -Jim Shiflett, EMR

If you have a food manufacturing construction challenge that requires a long term solution, contact TuffWrap Installations today!


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