Case Study Volume 2, Issue 2:

Coliseum Requires Specialized Containment During Reroofing Project

Project Overview:  When a large coliseum needed to protect its facility during a reroofing project, they relied on TuffWrap® to install netting and SmartSeam® in a timely manner to effectively guard against the potential hazards of falling debris.

Texas Roof Management, Inc.
Ector County Coliseum

Regional Sales Manager: Tim Smith

Project Manager: Charles Ringhoff

Project Size:
63,000 square feet of SmartSeam® Suspended Cover
63,000 square feet of netting

Duration: ~6 months

The Challenge

The primary focus of this project was to prevent pieces of roof decking from falling into the Coliseum. Along with that task came several challenges in order to protect all aspects of the facility. For the project to be successful, all of these key concerns needed to be addressed.

  • Create safe access points for the lifts
  • Ensure heavier pieces of debris were captured
  • Protect specialized areas where people needed to work near the ceiling
  • Find a way to allow airflow to continue above the catwalks

TuffWrap was tasked with completing the installation within a tight two week schedule which made coordination extremely important to the success of the project.

The Solution

Throughout the process, coordination and communication were made a priority. All of the work was organized according to the facility’s schedule. The project began with the facility having to take apart a portion of the end of the hockey rink in order to provide access for the lifts. To drive on the ice, it had to remain rough during working hours, so the Zamboni schedule had to be altered.

In order to capture the larger chunks of the roofing panel, TuffWrap installed netting as a first layer of defense. In situations where there is the potential for heavy debris to fall, netting provides additional strength to the overall solution.

After the netting was put into place, suspended cover was installed. SmartSeam® was chosen because it does not impede the sprinkler system.

In the six areas where camera and spotlight platforms were located, installing the suspended cover at the standard sight line would not allow the employees to access their equipment in the ceiling. Instead, specialized tunnels had to be built in order to protect these areas and still provide entry/exit points for the camera and spotlight teams.

In addition, airflow had to be addressed above the catwalk. Specialized air baffles were created to allow airflow to continue as normal.

Why TuffWrap

When faced with complex or unusual situations, normal containment products and services will not suffice. In this particular case, the customer needed a provider that had the product required to protect the facility safely and possessed the skills to implement a well-coordinated custom containment.

TuffWrap not only offered SmartSeam® suspended cover, but also understood the netting requirements and therefore had the ability to install the entire protection solution. The TuffWrap project management and installation team also had the experience needed to meet the different specialized requirements such as creating the air baffles and designing specialty tunnels.


Ultimately, the coordination and experience of the TuffWrap team allowed all of the Coliseum’s key concerns to be addressed. The suspended cover and netting were installed successfully within the timeframe provided. The solution effectively protected the facility which, in turn, made the reroofing project less impactful to the Coliseum’s schedules and patrons.

“From my perspective, the installation was flawless. Your staff worked well with our schedule and the product installed worked as advertised. We also received many compliments on the look of the interior protection.”
-Aaron Martin, Coliseum Director

What are your specialized containment requirements? Contact TuffWrap today for more information about how we can customize a solution to meet your needs!

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