Top Four Questions to Ask an Interior Protection Provider

April 7th, 2020 General, Industry Related

Whether you are a roofer, general contractor or a company that needs a dust and debris containment solution, there are certain things you should expect from your Interior Protection provider beyond keeping your facility clean.  While they should always meet the same requirements as any contractor, there are key qualities you can look for that will help ensure your project’s overall success.

Here’s a quick rundown of the top 4 questions you can ask to find out if the company you are talking to is the right fit for the job.

What products will be used?  There’s no reason for plain old plastic these days.  Technology has far surpassed the drape and cover products found at your local hardware store.  Make sure the barrier materials used meet the needs of the facility where the work is being done.  Want antistatic, antimicrobial or flame resistant?  Those and other options make the difference depending on the type of facility and what is being protected.

Do they have an in-house team? Interior Protection is generally installed with a specific methodology.   Reliable and properly trained installers make the difference in how the dust containment looks and works.  In addition, any installers who will be on the job site need to be fully aware of the project requirements and have the ability to meet all appropriate safety measures.  

What kind of experience do they have?  Some facilities are very complicated and require a detailed understanding of how to best install the containment properly.  In addition, having a grasp on scheduling around daily operations is very important.  From the time the project is a go until the last day of the project duration, being able to communicate and partner with your provider makes a difference in the success of the solution.  Make sure that any interior protection provider you work with has the experience needed to get all aspects of the job completed correctly.

Do they make safety a priority?  Everyone knows that safety is critical in the construction industry.  All firms should understand the importance of both your onsite rules as well as overall safety requirements for the province they are working in.  But find out if they go above and beyond the requirements to encourage a safe workplace.  Determine what safety resources they have and what types of training they require for their employees.

Any Interior Protection provider should be willing and able to address the above.  And, regardless of who you choose for your dust and debris containment, understanding their answers to these questions will help to set the expectations for a successful project for everyone involved.

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