Suspended Cover and Standard Response Fire Sprinkler Systems

April 6th, 2020 Suspended Cover

Over the past 20 years, Interior Protection has become the optimal solution for protecting the inside of buildings during reroofing projects. Having suspended cover professionally installed below the roof deck has completely changed the way these types of projects are handled.

But until recently, one challenge had remained. Original methods of protection had the potential to impair a fire sprinkler system’s functionality. Installing suspended cover below the sprinklers could delay its response to the fire or prevent the water from reaching the fire. Installing suspended cover above the sprinklers could be more costly and complicated due to the increased amount of penetrations to work around. There was also the risk that the cover could fall onto the sprinkler heads during a fire.

This was a challenge that TuffWrap Installations Inc. felt could be addressed more safely and effectively. After three years, close to one thousand tests, and extensive research and development, they invented and produced a product that is Classified to UL 723S for installation below fire sprinklers.

In 2013, TuffWrap Installations introduced this proprietary product, SmartSeam® Suspended Cover, to their US customers. In 2016, the NFPA 13 guidelines were updated to reflect the available changes in technology and as a result, SmartSeam now meets that standard as well.

What makes SmartSeam special is its heat-reactive seam, which when activated by the heat of a fire allows the suspended cover panels to open, permitting the sprinklers to function as designed. In addition, it also maintains all of the key material properties including being antistatic, antimicrobial, flame resistant, and also reinforced for strength of system. In short, SmartSeam provides effective and reliable protection that meets project requirements in all types of facilities.

In Canada, this suspended cover debate has been addressed with the idea that the 6 mil poly would melt prior to there being an issue with the sprinklers. TuffWrap’s SmartSeam UL test proves otherwise.

Find the test video here.

In the case of the SmartSeam UL test, the poly did not melt away until after 10 minutes. The water was held in the suspended cover until that time. While this is just one test, it highlighted the concern that a better solution is needed.
TuffWrap Canada is excited to be the company to bring that solution to our customers.

You can learn more about our SmartSeam Suspended Cover installation offerings here. 

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